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Continuous Blue Spray KIDS FUN

Continuous Blue Spray KIDS FUN


Hypoallergenic ● Parabens Free ● Sensitive Approved ● Non-greasy

Continuous spray lotion especially for kids. Easily applied, the color will fade away but the persistence of the high protection will remain.

Features & Benefits:

·        A unique spray technology PURE SPRAY which allows continuous spray free of butane gas, for maximum, fast and even coverage at any angle.

·        Provides the skin with highly effective broad-spectrum sunscreen protection against the harmful effects of UVA & UVB radiation.

·        Antioxidant protection against free radicals with Vitamin E & Green Tea.

·        Very water resistant.

·        Easily applied and rapidly absorbed.

·        Enriched with apple fragrance that kids love.

Enriched with: Antioxidant complex with Vitamin E & Green Tea extract for protection against free radicals and to maintain a healthy-looking skin for a long term.

Available Packaging: 200 ML/ 6.76 FL. OZ.


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