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Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd., founded in 1965, is a multi-national company specializing in the R&D and manufacture of a wide variety of skin and health care consumer products that are marketed worldwide. The company’s initial successful orientation in the fields of ophthalmological and dermatological medical preparations provided a natural springboard for many comprehensive product ranges that target a wide spectrum of end-users.


Latest Concept Trends and Brand Recognition

Investment in extensive R&D, quality control, manufacture, marketing and distribution has rapidly established the Dr. Fischer logo as synonymous with quality and innovation. Fischer Pharmaceuticals offer the end user a variety of product ranges; treatment toiletries, advanced anti-aging cosmetics, specialized dietary supplements and innovative medical preparations.

Dr. Fischer products are household names and leading brands in the consumer goods arena. These products are prescribed by physicians and are

in routine daily use in medical institutions.


Superior Pharmaceutical Technology

Fischer Pharmaceuticals has been responsible for many innovations in the fields of ophthalmology, dermatology and nutraceuticals. The company

continually sets trends and norms in the industry, utilizing the most sophisticated pharmaceutical technology to offer the consumer the best of both worlds, science and nature; the latest trend setting products and the finest of natural ingredients.


Top-to-Toe Skin, Hair and Healthcare

Fischer Pharmaceuticals offer a large variety of innovative solutions for top-to-toe healthcare and wellness, with products designed for all the family - from the very young to the most senior.


APS – Innovative Life-Style Products

Fischer Pharmaceuticals manufacture products that incorporate the innovative Dr. Fischer Age Protection System; a state-of-the-art anti-aging treatment concept that is reflected in many of the company’s most successful and original product ranges.


Leading Products Create Expanding Export Markets

Fischer Pharmaceuticals maintain a strong international presence in more than 30 markets worldwide, supplying leading retail chains and medical institutions under the Dr. Fischer brand as well as under different contractual Private Label Services.


Dr. Fischer - Tried & Tested

Dr. Fischer products are in standard use by the medical profession and institutions. All products are meticulously tested for safety and efficacy and

carry the seals of approval of many prestigious organizations worldwide.


The consumer knows that the Dr. Fischer logo and slogan fulfill their promise of a quality product that represent the best available health and skincare for

all the family.

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